Sunday, February 20, 2011


Our 12" Dark Green Sea has finally reached our hands.  AND it looks great thanks to our skilled team of artists and friends behind the scenes who unfortunately are not credited in the small print of the sleeve and otherwise.  I would first and foremost like to thank the following for the support and creative energy lent to us... without which our messy project may have sunk:

Hunter Giles who gave us these fine slabs of vinyl via infinite best. Hannah Harris, who so kindly donated her art for the front covers of BOTH this 12" release and the original debut tape pressing on Plustapes. Thanks for your otherworldly art. Cein Watson for the rear photo on the shores of Lake Michigan. John Erskine for showing me the ropes in experimental recording. My parents who are always awesome and come to nearly all my shows. Joey for writing and singing Judy, Judy and working overtime with photoshop and twitter and craigslist (uh for pedals duh).  Jake, for finding us gigs in awesome places around the country. dudes a pro.  Justin for being hilarious and funky and coming up with sweet posters and printing them and mailing them at work.  Karl for getting us from one destination to the next, with both his iphone and his smooth explosive yet minimal at times drumming.  Rob for his killer licks, guest appearances, and howling beauty.  Mike Hilger for his social skillz,  extra spacey arpeggios and beyond. Sea Priest for his yet-to-be-made solo saxophone album.   Zach for believing in us, working for us and understanding us and finding us gigs and controlling the internet.  Zach and Brian and the two syllables. All the band for playing for no money.  Dev for being patient with me and making a killer dynamic mix for the record release.   Eric for his art consulting and willingness to screenprint.  Hunter and Charlie for making the 12" labels last minute.  All the other peeps who have ever bought our music, came to our show.

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