Tuesday, March 29, 2011

upcoming distractions events

with myspace becoming more and more difficult to use with each day, i thought it might be good to post some shows here:

march 29 (TONIGHT) : Casa Donde (2106 s kedzie) Distractions w/ Binary Marketing Show (NY), Katrina Stoneheart (Drew from Baby Birds Dont Drink Milk) 9PM

april 16 : Saki (3716 w fullerton) Record Store Day w/ Distractions (1PM),

may 23 : Empty Bottle (1035 n western) FREE MONDAY w/ Rabble Rabble, We Are Hex, Distractions play first around 10 pm

may 28 : Ball Hall (1621 n kedzie) Distractions, Swimsuit (MI), City Center (NY), Street Rash

______ and we will have tapes and LPs at all shows!

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